Is It Rude Not To Give A Plus One?

It’s another bonus episode of Dear Dans, where we take your questions and answer them in five minutes or less. Today’s listener asks “Is it rude not to give a plus one?” and Danielle breaks it down. For bonus points, we also included a handy response if you opt NOT to invite someone and they ask you about it.


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This week’s question:

Is It Rude Not To Give A Plus One?

“My fiancé and I are getting married this September and we’re making our guest list. We are planning on having a very small wedding of around 60 people. We wanted your advice on plus ones. Most of our close friends have significant others, and we will be inviting both because we are friends with both of them. However, some of our friends who we don’t get to see as often we are not planning on giving a plus one because we either don’t know their significant other or they are friends with many other people who will be there. Is it rude not to give a plus one? One of our friends said everyone expects a plus one. Is this true? How do we word it on an invitation if we decide to not give a plus one?”

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