Season Five Q&A

The final episode of season five where we answer six tricky questions we received from Ringers this season. Sticky topics like parents, money, not wanting guests to come to your wedding, and how close is too close to plan a wedding to your siblings?


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Questions asked:

  • “What do you do when you and your partner want completely different kinds of weddings?”
  • “Do we have to send ‘save the dates’ if we don’t actually want people to save the date?
  • “How close is too close to have a wedding to a siblings wedding?”
  • “Do I have to invite my Mom’s new boyfriend to my wedding?”
  • “At what point should you consider firing one of your wedding professionals, and how do you do it as politely as possible?”
  • “None of my family or wedding party is local. Is it rude to ask my friends for help with the wedding planning?”

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Thank you for a great season!

Season Six launches Tuesday, April 2, 2019!