Honeymoon Planning with Alle Travel

We are so excited to have Irina Vishnevskaya of Alle Travel on today’s episode to talk all about honeymoon planning. Alle Travel is a custom travel planning agency who plans extraordinary adventures for their clients and Irina was so gracious to share with us some amazing tips and honeymoon advice for our amazing listeners.


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What we talked about:

  • Why it’s important to plan a honeymoon
  • When and where couples should start when planning their honeymoon
  • What you should know before you start honeymoon planning
  • How much you should plan to invest in a honeymoon
  • Places of the earth where you need a LOT of dough to travel and places where your money will go a LONG way
  • Our thoughts on honeymoon funds and mini-moons
  • When you should plan to leave for your honeymoon (or more specifically, when you SHOULDN’T plan to leave)
  • Common mistakes to avoid when honeymoon planning
  • Maintaining balance while ON your honeymoon (sooo important)
  • Some super-popular destinations for honeymoons (that may not be on your radar)

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