Everything You Need To Know About Hotel Room Blocks

Cheryl Bailey of Yellow Umbrella Travel joins us on today’s episode to talk about and answer all of our questions on hotel room blocks for your wedding guests. From the different types of blocks you can make to the extras you can negotiate with, this is a must-listen episode with TONS of great tips and advice!


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What we talked about:

  • What a hotel room block is and why you should consider one for your out-of-town wedding guests
  • Different types of hotel room blocks
  • WTF is “Attrition”?
  • When you should set up your block
  • How many rooms you should reserve
  • Why check-in time is important to consider when planning your day
  • How many hotels you should set up a room block at
  • What to negotiate and how to get the best deals
  • What to look out for with the “hotel shuttle” and why it’s never worth it
  • Additional fees you should look out for
  • How to let your guests know about the room block
  • And, of course, what services you can use to make a room block for your wedding

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